Snapchat Spectacles are available to buy in the UK!

What are Snapchat spectacles?

Snapchat have taken video capture to the next level with their easy to use glasses. Snapchat Spectacles are one-size-fits-all sunglasses with built-in always-on cameras. They are available in Coral, Teal or Black. The spectacles record 10 second snaps and make memories from your perspective.

They are the hottest accessory to have this summer - impress partygoers with spectacles and a personalised Snapchat filter

How to work your Snapchat spectacles;

1.      Press the button to record a 10‑second video.

2.      Lights show friends you’re Snapping.

3.      Snaps automatically save to Memories on Snapchat.

4.      Specs charge in their case.

Where to buy them?

Snapchat is selling its Spectacles through its unusual ‘Snapbot’ vending machines which will change location throughout the summer. The Snapbot vending machines first stop this weekend was the London Eye.


Alternatively you can buy them here -


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