Snapchat Custom Stories

Snapchat announced a game-changing new feature this week, custom stories, that lets users decide who they add to the story and who can view it. They announced the update on their blog post; 'there is a new way to create custom stories – about anything, with any of your friends, even for a specific location! It’s perfect for a trip, a birthday party, or a new baby story just for the family'.

Geofenced custom stories on Snapchat will let people choose friends within a specified area to contribute or simply allow friends of friends to join in. Once, a geofenced custom Story is created, anyone can add to it. In case of non-geofenced custom Stories, users need to specify people who they want to be able to see and contribute to Stories.

This is great for when you have a personalised or bespoke filter for your event, be that a birthday, baby shower, or wedding, as everyone  there will be able to contribute to one big story which you will be able to download and have as a keepsake at the end.  


To create a custom stories, click on the stories page, and click on ‘Create Stories’ icon on top right. Users can contribute to a custom Story via ‘My Story’ line item in their friends list. Much like normal stories they will disappear after 24hours.

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